Meet Nigel

Nigel is a compulsive goal setter and achiever and has long believed that the secret to greater achievement and the unleashing of human potential can be based on some very simple principles, all of which are now documented in his new book. 


What many people don’t know is that at age 42 Nigel had a “wake-up” call. His doctor who was also his friend delivered the following grim summary, following a regular visit:

Nigel, you are a mess. You are in the worst shape of pretty much any 42 year old I have ever examined. You are overweight, your blood pressure is scary, your smokers lungs rattle like a bag of tools, you work stupid hours and your stress levels are chronic. Honestly I doubt you will make it to 50 without suffering one or more serious events.

When Nigel questioned him he told him that there was nothing actually wrong with him but he was at huge risk of stroke, heart problems, diabetes and a variety of cancers.

He was stunned to say the least and although change did not come immediately, Nigel vowed to turn his life around. 

He started literally running FOR his life!

From that fateful day here are some of the races Nigel has participated in:

  • Nine Half Marathons Personal Best time (PB) 1:45
  • Five Full Marathons PB 3:51
  • Four ultra marathons of 56 miles PB 9:39
  • Three two day multisport races trail run, ride and kayak – best 11th out of 35
  • Eight Sprint Triathlons PB 1:21
  • Five Olympic Triathlons PB 2:49
  • Half Ironman Triathlon PB 6:41
  • Ironman Triathlon PB 12:54
  • Cycled 300 miles in 23:11 in one shot
  • Ran 101 miles on hills on my 59th birthday in 29 hours

nigel represents t and tNo one sets his goals for him – that’s for sure! Nigel has conquered fear, doubt and overwhelm.

He has taken action when he wasn’t in the mood or didn’t feel like doing anything. 

Being hard on yourself makes life easier for you in the long run.

“Live Life Now” is an easy to follow guide that will challenge you to be your best self and bring joy and happiness to you and your loved ones.


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