Dream Large

If you don’t have a dream, then how are you going to make a dream come true? – Oscar Hammerstein

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Remember when you were a child and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up?

Think of all those great things that went through your mind: an Olympic champion, an airline pilot, an actor, a fireman, a singer, a pro footballer, a model, a famous writer, a comedian, a millionaire and maybe even an astronaut! Then maybe your parents, relatives or friends brought you back down with a bump, reminding you that these were unrealistic fantasies or even stupid; that accountancy, engineering, law, nursing or virtually anything else would be the right thing for you to do.

To truly ‘dream large’ you don’t have to worry about being five again; all you need is a pad of paper, a pen or pencil and a clear mind. Forget everything about ‘now’, close your eyes and dream of all of the things you really want to achieve in your life, then open your eyes and start writing and keep writing! If you run out of ideas then take a break and start again later. If you’ve filled a page then start a new one. If you’ve filled the pad then congratulate yourself! When you have written everything down, then sit back, relax and figure where you are going to start.

Sounds crazy? Consider this: in 1940 when 15 year old John Goddard couldn’t decide what to do with his life he took a pad and pen and wrote down everything he wanted to achieve in his life. His list consisted of 127 goals from milking a rattlesnake, landing and taking off from an aircraft carrier, to visiting every country in the world. He managed to achieve 109 of them in his incredible, adventurous lifetime!


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