Attitude is Everything

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference! – Winston Churchill

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When I meet successful people I always examine their attitude, which is invariably positive. I have yet to meet a truly successful person with a bad or negative attitude.

I have, however, seen negative attitudes cripple otherwise talented individuals. At some point in their climb to success, in any area of life, their negative attitude creeps in and self-doubt or fear of failure clips their wings and the slippery slope to mediocrity begins.

If you feel your attitude could do with a helping hand then here are some simple guidelines that can help you:

  • Mix with positive people and avoid the doom merchants
  • Read motivational and positive books and articles
  • Celebrate small victories that you achieve on the way towards your goals
  • Exercise more – yes, it’s true, exercise improves your attitude!
  • Remind yourself of your achievements and keep mementoes of them
  • Talk to yourself! Remind yourself of your ‘can do’ attitude using positive affirmations
  • Spend your time doing as many things that you love to do and follow the things that you are passionate about
  • Change your language. Swap out words like ‘try’, ‘should’ and ‘hope’ with ‘do’, ‘will’ and ‘can’

So, is attitude really everything?

Without a doubt –  great effort, great results and great success spring from having a great attitude!


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